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Leading the way in County Durham for Children and Young People

by | May 31, 2023 | News

In recent months, County Durham Sport staff have had the privilege of attending a number of events where we have witnessed inspiring displays of leadership and commitment to children and young people’s wellbeing. We actively seek to support these opportunities and are determined to make them more accessible across County Durham, empowering young individuals to thrive. Below is a summary of three events in particular that highlight successful collaborative efforts between our team and local partners.

Easington Young Leaders

Throughout the academic year, a group of secondary school students from various schools in East Durham have embarked on a journey to develop their leadership skills in sports and physical activity. County Durham Sport has supported this programme, facilitated by Becky Heron (School Games Organiser for Easington) and the dedicated team at Easington School Sports Partnership, by attending events, supplying equipment, and collecting valuable feedback from the participants. Building on the work in Easington, we are hoping to create more opportunities for leaders across County Durham to join programmes in their local areas, as well as offering young people opportunities to access CPD courses in school holidays, further enriching their skill set and knowledge base.

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

East Durham’s Five Ways to Wellbeing

In her role as SGO for Easington, Becky has also successfully organised a series of small festivals in local primary schools focusing on the ‘Five Ways to Wellbeing.’ County Durham Sport were delighted to support these events, delivering team building sessions to small groups of children and passing our vision of ensuring physical activity is an easy option for all.

The festivals were specifically designed to engage pupils who are less physically active, providing them with an opportunity to represent their school in a more intimate and tailored festival. The festivals were aimed at boosting the confidence of pupils and promoting a sense of belonging. Over 100 pupils were engaged across two morning sessions and to try and ensure their continued engagement in physical activity, each pupil received active equipment that they could use at home.

Wellbeing in Wear Valley

Image from CDWES woodland in Stanley Crook

County Durham Sport also helped to organise and participate in team building workshops at a Wellbeing Day in Wear Valley, led by Lewis Marr who is the SGO for the area and Managing Director at Education Enterprise. Held at CDWES woodland in Stanley Crook, this engaging new event attracted pupils from a number of local primary schools and featured a diverse range of activities centred around leadership and wellbeing. Pupils from different schools formed groups, giving them the opportunity to forge new friendships and potentially ease their transition into secondary schools by connecting with peers who would be attending the same schools. The event was a resounding success, leaving a positive impression on all participants. Each individual expressed their enthusiasm for more days filled with similar experiences. The collaborative efforts of the County Durham Sport team and Lewis Marr helped to make this event a truly memorable and enriching occasion for everyone involved.