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The #ThisGirlCan #FitGotReal campaign celebrates real women who fit exercise into their busy lives, however they manage to do it!

This Girl Can, believes that there’s no right way to get active – if it gets your heart rate up then it counts! Like This Girl Can, we want more women to find what’s right for them. There are some incredible women in our county who get active in all sorts of ways, have a look at their stories below and see if you are inspired to try something new.

As well as helping us to stay a healthy weight, exercise improves mental wellbeing by releasing feel-good hormones and relieving symptoms of depression. It helps to build muscle and bone strength, improves sleep and reduces the risk of illness, – including cancer! And it’s not just for women who can afford gym membership or fancy workout gear, playing in the park or dancing with your friends counts! If it’s working for you, it’s working…