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Welcome to the County Durham Sport Insight Hub.

Here you can access data and maps to help you understand the people and places you work with. With resources from County Durham Sport, Sport England, and Durham Insight, you can explore issues related to physical activity, health, wealth, and access to services and local assets.

Having an evidence-based understanding of local opportunities and challenges could help you prioritise, plan, or even secure funding for your work. Check-out the tools below to get started.

Logo for County Durham Sport


County Durham Sport have created a story map – a visual way to display local insight to help us better understand the people and places of County Durham.

Navigating through the map, you will be able to explore local data – not just on physical activity but on all of the wider factors which have an impact on how active we are. Our age, health, gender, ethnicity, and where we live all have an impact on how likely we are to be physically active.

The map will also show you information about important local assets, like green spaces and foot paths.

Logo for County Durham Sport


Sport England’s Active Lives survey measures the activity levels of children and adults across England.

You can access all of reports which summarise the key national trends from different demographic groups and activities.

Durham Insight


Durham Insight provides users an easy way to access and share information, intelligence, research and knowledge for deeper insights about their local area or communities.

Data on Durham Insight is used to inform and support strategic decision making across partnerships, and to provide a single portal for strategic analysis, insight and statistics about life in County Durham, available to anyone.

Check out Durham Insight’s physical activity factsheet below for a detailed summary of local physical activity trends.


CDS Mapping Tool


This tool lets you dig a bit deeper into local data at the sub-county level. The tool includes data on physical activity, health, crime, and social, economic and demographic factors. The tool also allows you to export datasets to excel.

You can access the County Durham Sport Mapping Tool here.

Click the video icon below to access a video tutorial for practical tips on how to use the mapping tool.