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Celebrating Together Fund! Golf in Society

by | Mar 15, 2023 | News

Through Together Fund, Sport England and the National Lottery are providing community organisations with extra support to help local people get active.

County Durham Sport supported Golf in Society with their successful Together Fund application. This is their story.

Golf in Society specialise in transforming the lives of people with disabilities and chronic health conditions by introducing them to the wonderful sport of golf. Their Together Fund project has helped people return to normal life following Covid-19, providing a fantastic opportunity for them to have fun and socialise with others.

We asked Anthony Etchells, Lead Community Activator at Golf in Society in County Durham, to reflect on how things have been going.

What’s been going well?
“So far, we’ve helped 37 different people enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of playing golf, thanks to our funding from Together Fund. People with a wide range of illnesses, disabilities or mental health concerns have benefitted from learning to play from scratch or come back to the game they once loved.”

What’s been challenging?
“Many of the participants we help have limited mobility or other impairments that can be a challenge for them to swing the club or get around the golf course. Fortunately, we have buggies available at our Cocken Lodge Venue to help with such issues.”

What have you learned?
“I’ve learned that anyone should give golf a try no matter how difficult or challenging an impairment or disability may be. Often our new golfers are reluctant and anxious but come away from our sessions feeling a sense of achievement which can be very empowering.”

What should happen next/in future?
“I would love to gain funding to purchase an additional buggy to use with our golfers at Cocken Lodge. This would enable more golfers with mobility restrictions to play together and improve their experience from a social perspective.”

The project has been brilliantly received by participants. Peter Morris said, “I went from sitting about feeling sorry for myself to actually finding a new sport I enjoy and making new friends. It’s very therapeutic.”

We’re thrilled that Golf in Society have secured further funding from Together Fund to build on the success of this fantastic project and deliver it again!

County Durham Sport are proud to be able to support organisations like Golf in Society to make a difference to the lives of County Durham communities. Join us in celebrating the amazing impact of this Sport England/National Lottery funding by sharing your story on social media with the hashtag #TogetherFund