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Activity Volunteer Programme piloted with local youth groups

by | Sep 23, 2021 | News

This summer, County Durham Sport worked with four community groups across the County including Beyond Limits, Auckland Youth, Go the Distance and Willington Church, to pilot our Activity Volunteer Programme.

The Activity Volunteer Programme is designed to offer young people aged 12 and over an accredited learning pathway into volunteering through building transferable core skills. By building young people’s confidence, skills and knowledge to be able to champion volunteering within their community, more people will be encouraged to lead a happier, healthier lifestyle. In turn, this will result in a more active County with the young people at the heart of the future workforce. The programme will also support young people into further or higher education, along with apprenticeships or additional training, while allowing them opportunities to utilise the skills they have developed.

Each group received six life skill sessions, while upskilling the youth workers to deliver the training to other young people. This summer’s young people also took the opportunity to help shape the programme, to ensure it is relevant and appropriate for future participants.

Before attending the programme, most participants were understandably nervous about volunteering but once the programme had concluded, over 90% of them felt more confident and likely to volunteer in the future. 100% of participants agreed they would recommend the programme to a friend!

If you’d like to know more about County Durham Sport’s Activity Volunteer Programme, we’d love to talk to you at