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Shildon Town Council have been a key Active Shildon partner. They deliver services to meet local needs and strive to improve quality of life and community wellbeing. The Council has extensive discretionary powers to provide and maintain a variety of important and visible services which includes leisure and, in particular, the wellbeing of the community.

We caught up with Tracey Bellas, Shildon’s Town Clerk, to discuss physical activity and the Town Council’s role in Active Shildon.

Why is physical activity important to you?
“Physical activity is important to us as it helps build a healthier community. The Town Council, along with partner organisations, believe it is about providing opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to be physically active, contributing to their physical and mental wellbeing. In Shildon’s own Hackworth Park, people can access Parkletics, Parkrun and ParkPlay every week free of charge.”

What do you see as the main benefits of being involved in the Active Shildon pilot?
“The Active Shildon pilot has enabled the Council to be part of a pilot scheme which has brought partners together to work for the benefit of the residents of Shildon. The benefit is that the focus is on the town, understanding and removing barriers to physical activity and supporting as many people as possible.”