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Shildon Alive are a charitable organisation at the very heart of Shildon. They provide a range of projects and services to benefit the community, including food support and community gardens. 

As an Active Shildon partner, Shildon Alive have implemented short bursts of activity into the day by walking to meetings and using Move Durham episodes. Sophie and Ashley from Shildon Alive have also become Shildon’s very first Active Friends!

We recently spoke to Ashley, Shildon Alive’s Community Development Officer, about physical activity and Shildon Alive’s involvement in Active Shildon.

Why is physical activity important to you? 
Physical activity is important to me because it has great benefits to my mental health. I do 10 minutes of yoga each morning, which also relieves tension in my back and shoulders. I love being outdoors and enjoy hiking for the fresh air and peacefulness.”

What did you think of the Active Friends training?
It’s really good and easy to understand. It didn’t really feel like training, more like knowledge sharing. It was fun too as I did it together with a friend. It will definitely help me in my role as I feel more confident recommending physical activity to people now!”.

What do you see as the main benefits of being involved in the pilot?
I think the main benefit to being involved in this pilot is that it ensures the staff and volunteers take a short break from our hectic work place each day, and a short burst of exercise helps with stress relief. I think the fact that it is a group activity with people of all ages and abilities taking part will encourage more people to participate as time goes on.”