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Durham Woodland Revival has been a key partner in the Active Valleys pilot. We recently caught up with their Community Engagement Officer, Kath Marshall-Ivens. Kath told us all about Durham Woodland Revival’s work, its significance for physical activity, and the value of being part of Active Valleys.

 What is Durham Woodland Revival and what do you do?
“Durham Woodland Revival is a four-year partnership programme focused on revitalising the woodlands in County Durham. It includes tree & hedge planting, ancient woodland restoration, providing advice to woodland landowners, training for landowners and contractors, supporting existing and assisting to create new woodland community groups, running three traineeships, and improving access within woodlands. The programme area is centred around Durham City and extends approximately 16 km in all directions, including the Active Valleys area. It is made possible with The National Lottery Heritage Fund with thanks to National Lottery players and funding from Durham County Council and the Woodland Trust.”

Why is physical activity important to you?
“My particular role is all about supporting community groups to care for their local woodlands. Taking part in woodland management tasks is a great way to be physically active, tasks can be adapted for all abilities and ensure everyone can find something to get involved in. The groups we support in the Active Valleys area do things like tree planting, keeping footpaths open and managing habitats. This helps to keep these valuable green spaces open and accessible, so more local people can enjoy them for walking their dog, running or just having some chill out time with family or friends.”

What do you see as being the main benefits to being involved in Active Valleys?
“Being a part of the Active Valleys programme has enabled us to promote the great volunteering opportunities available with the community woodland groups we support. All the groups are volunteer led and reliant on people giving up their time to continue the work they do. We already work closely with Durham County Council colleagues in the Public Rights of Way and Countryside Teams; Active Valleys has brought us together with partners with a physical activity focus which we wouldn’t otherwise have met.”


Visit Durham Woodland Revival’s Facebook page to find out more about their events and opportunities.

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