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Help Inspire the next Generation of Females Footballers

by | Nov 12, 2018 | Funding, News

The FA is recruiting new organisers to operate an SSE Wildcats centre and support their mission of providing football opportunities for girls aged 5-11 years.

Moving into its second full year, SSE Wildcats now has over 800 centres nationwide and has attracted over 17,000 new girls to play the game for the first time.

The sessions take place on a weekly basis, either after school or at weekends, subject to each local organiser.

They provide a safe environment where girls can have fun engaging with sport, make new friends, develop fundamental skills and create foundations for a lifelong love of sport.

When approved to become an SSE Wildcats centre you will receive funding, kit and equipment; everything you need to run your sessions. You will also be taken through induction training which will help you understand how to coach a complete newcomer.

For more information or to download application guidelines please click here or contact Alysha, Durham FA –


SSE Wildcat Criteria:

  • Initial 16 weeks programme – evidence to be shown of the centre becoming a sustained weekly opportunity for new players to access
  • Target 30 female players per week (players who are not already attached to clubs)
  • 5-11 year olds female players
  • 2 Qualified Coaches (Minimum Level 1)
  • Weekly mini Soccer Centre NOT grassroots football team
  • Sessions be based on fun and enjoyment offering a real introduction to football
  • £900.00 + 30 Nike Footballs per centre
  • Resources provided by The FA
  • Staff training day to take place March 2019 at St George’s Park – this training will provide support to coaches delivering a SSE Wildcat Centre sessions. Each SSE Wildcat centre must nominate one member of staff to attend.